50 Shades Darker Book Review

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50 Shades Darker

Before we start and you get SPOILERS, GASP! Have you read my review of 50 Shades of Grey if not go ahead and click here =)

So like I previously said in my 50 Shades of Grey review I was absolutely not interested at all in reading these books because EVERYONE and their grandmother said that it was a horrible novel. (Honestly if it sold what a million copies it obviously wasn’t horrible) Anyways so I watched the movie then flew through 50 Shades of Grey and immediately started 50 Shades Darker. I didn’t sleep I read the book. I couldn’t sleep. I had to know what happened next. I NEEDED to know. I sat there and tried to sleep. Couldn’t so I just started reading. I read ALL DAY. I was messaging my best friend and saying I’ve been up almost 24 hours reading.

Honestly I missed that in a book. I haven’t felt the need the urge to stay up reading a book since I read the Hunger Games series. Being an avid book reader and finally finding another series that you just have to fly through is an amazing feeling. I missed it. It is thrilling to me. It is my adventure. Reading.

50 Shades Darker made me feel things. Made me realize that I need to try harder in my own relationship and so does Dane. We both got well lazy. We don’t need BDSM but we do need to be more adventurous. Try new things. Go out on walks. Obviously we can’t do that while hes a millions miles away in the Pacific Ocean on deployment but when he gets home we need to. (*Note: this relationship ended. Sometimes no matter how much we want change it doesn’t happen. And since writing this original post I realized I needed to love myself more. Not worry about some guy. My word for 2017 is MORE. I want more for myself. For my life. Some food for thought.)

In 50 Shades of Grey we learn that Christian was part of a BDSM relationship when he was only 15 years old with his very own Mrs. Robinson aka Elena Lincoln. Who happens to be his mothers friend. Christian being the adolescent mind he is thinks they are just friends and that their relationship is all in the past. While Mrs. R is a child molester we all know this. I mean come on. But Christian, and honestly me too, can see that she helped him lure him away from being a drug addict just like his birth mom.

I love that in this novel Ana challenges Christian. He is completely bewitched by Ana because he is in love with her. It is driving him crazy that she left him and is trying so hard to figure out how to get her back. He comes up with a brilliant plan to make sure he can still take her to her friend Jose’s photography open house. Of course she obliges and they go off in Charlie Tango, helicopter, to Portland.

Christian doesn’t want to lose Ana so he suggests they completely throw out the contract and just have a purely normal Vanilla relationship. He is trying so hard to please Ana just like she is with him. I LOVE that Gail and Taylor are who they are. There characters do so much for Christian and he starts to appreciate them even more and more as the series goes on. They love him and he doesn’t realize it.


You sure you want a spoiler???????


So Christian and Ana get into an argument and Christian falls back into his early childhood days of being completely terrified and just back down he falls to his knees and stays trapped in his little shell. In my opinion that is what he is doing. Retreating to his safe place. Head in his knees hands over himself so nobody, Ana, can’t see him. Like he would do as a child when the bad man would come home and beat him and his mother. Then Christian asks Ana to marry him. By now they’ve been together only a few months maybe 3 I am not too sure. Ana obviously 22 and like what the hell. NO. She says she needs time to think and then the unexpected happens. Christians helicopter goes missing. No contact from him or his business partner Ros. They both are missing for an entire day.

No more about that because I want you all to read the book and fall in love, cry, and feel joy and everything else that happens in 50 Shades Darker. In my honest opinion I feel like this book is completely different that darker. I feel like its lighter. Because Christian is changing. He is coming into the light. I love that he is changing and that Ana is helping him heal. This 2nd book in the series has suspense in it. Not just erotica and romance. It leaves you guessing the entire time I was sitting there wondering what would happen next who is the bad guy, girl? Where is Leila? Who is Leila? There is a lot of suspense in this one here.

Christian is finally realizing all along he was loved. His mother, his father, Elliot, Mia, Taylor, Gail, and especially Ana. He is finally having that ah ha light bulb moment that wait why did I think I wasn’t loved? Why did I think I wasn’t perfect? Why?

I recommend this book because it is NOT JUST ABOUT SEX! You like adventure? BOOM! You like danger? BOOM! You like sex? OBVIOUS BOOM! I cannot wait for this book to become a movie in 2017 (they better not screw it up I swear)


Fifty Shades Freed

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