50 Shades Freed Book Review

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50 Shades Freed 

Before we get started I hope you have read my review of 50 Shades Darker if not please click here

If you’ve read my reviews over the first 2 books in this series then you know I couldn’t put these down. I finished Darker and Freed in 2 days. I couldn’t stop myself. This hasn’t happened since I read the Hunger Games series and that has been years. I created a 50 Shades of Grey playlist on Pandora but the songs were getting to techno-y so I just created a new one titled Alessandro Marcello, which happens to be the first piece Ana heard Christian play on the piano. Even though it was a transcription by Bach. I tried to make that station but pandora didn’t have it. (maybe now they will)

Anyways so we left off with Christian and Ana announcing their engagement. And some creeper smoking a cigarette outside of Christians parent’s home. Outside of their engagement party. Mrs. R the pedo runs out of the house in tears and the creep watches her leave. The man divulges that he was the one who was responsible for Christian’s near death by sabotaging his helicopter.

50 Shades Freed starts off on Ana and Christian’s honeymoon. Luck girl Ana traveling the world. Ana is still not used to being rich which bothers Christian and her. She really love Christian for who he is and not the money. Which is what we all want in a relationship pure love. Not material things. 50 Shades Freed is all about Christian and Ana being happily married and still madly in love with Mrs. R out of the picture. Ana’s boss Jack Hyde has been fired for being a pervert and Ana now has his job as Editor.

Her dream job, dream husband, and dream life. She is so happy until there is news that someone is out there trying to harm Christian and his family. Christian has been keeping her out of the loop and Kate knows more than she does. Which honestly ticks her off wouldn’t it you?

In a moment of fear Ana has to save a close family member and give the kidnapper has asked for 5 MILLION dollars for the safe return of Ana’s family member. Ana has no idea how she is going to get the money. She can’t call the cops or Christian the kidnapper will kill said family member. Ana goes to the bank in hopes of getting the money and Christian thinks she is living him. Ana ends up in the hospital and everyone’s world changes. Christian has his final change. He finally realizes how much Ana loves him.

I am honestly saddened that the series has ended. I truly hope there is more to come from our Christian and Ana. I love reading about them. E L James has an amazing writing technic and I honestly think I could read her grocery list and be A OK. I feel when I read this that is a Nicolas Sparks novel. Not an erotic novel. It amazes me how much suspense and love she put into these books. Over 1000 pages and I would read them over and over again. And I will. 

If you haven’t read this series yet you truly need to. Like all bookworms know they are nothing like the movie. These amazing books are about loving yourself, changing for the better, trusting in someone else, and forgiving yourself and your past. Opening yourself up to someone is completely hard but giving your all to someone hoping they will catch you when you fall in even harder. Until we meet again Mr. and Mrs. Grey I bid you farewell. 

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