50 Shades of Grey Book Review

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50 Shades of Grey

Let me start off by saying I had no desire to read these books. Why? Because I LISTENED to other people who said it was overbearing and that Christian was a stalker. I am assuming now that the people who said this only watched the movie. (which I am not reviewing but as an avid bookworm as most bookworms know that books are always better than movies, just saying) With that being said Dane and I recently got cable and were flipping through the OnDemand movie section and saw that 50 Shades was FREE! So I was like let’s watch it there is nothing else to watch. So 2 hours later I was like ok this really isn’t that bad I want to go and read the books now. 

I already had the series because my sister was in love with the books and somehow they ended up with all my books when I moved to California. I always just had them sitting in my closet with all my other books. Collecting dust. Dane is currently deployed and last week I decided I should start reading. So I did. Honestly I do not remember much about 50 Shades of Grey because I just flew through it. I had to. I couldn’t set it down. I ruined my sleeping schedule I had just fixed because I HAD to read this book. 

I have read other FREE kindle erotic novels and honestly I never left them feeling that I had to finish them right this instance. Usually I was reading them because they were well FREE. This book though. It was so much more than just erotic. There is silly banter, irresistible attraction, drama, and most importantly romance.

Ana is so madly in love with Christian because honestly who wouldn’t be he is a rich, handsome, brilliant, and exciting young man. She is fresh out of college and he wants to show her the world. Christian is just so set on catching Ana and making her his that he doesn’t realize that he is actually falling madly in love with her also. They’re each other first loves. Ana knows it but Christian doesn’t realize it. He is too stubborn and adolescent (even though she’s 22 and he’s 27)  she is the more mature one. They complete each other. 

In all honesty I really do not think there is anything I didn’t like about this book. The thing about it is I would recommend this to anyone. It really didn’t feel like an erotic novel. It was completely to me a romance novel. Even though there was erotica in it. That is what Christian is all about but I felt the book more in my heart not my panties…just saying. 


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